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start the year wrong…

mi prublima ka?

from idealistic to realistic….

that was me after i graduated college… to become the best in my chosen field… to serve my country… *bow* i was 22 then… now, 23 (walang hihirit!) i realized… that being idealistic is somewhat a dream… or a target for you to achieve… what i’m trying to say is that not all that you think of will happen and you have to wake up someday and smell the coffee… for example… my friend… let’s call him… hmmm… “Ugong”… Ugong graduated with a bachelors degree in Engineering and is liscensed to practice his craft… he landed his dream job, an optimistic person, smiling and laughing at every destruction he encounters… until one day… his dream job became a nightmare… no longer does he smile… he was treated very poorly by his “superiors”, they were threatened… he was suspended for reasons he did not make, he was criticized for having an “attitude problem”, branded “mayabang” because he tends to work hard without making “sipsip” to his boss… what happened to Ugong? he gave up every hope… he stayed for the company for 5 years, complaining… building hatred inside his heart… his idealistic world crumble… for he was not treated professionally by people who are not professionals.. sad.. but true… until one day…. he woke up…. he resigned.. and became an open minded person.. he became a realist….

haba ng intro ko.. well wala namang magbabasa nyan eheheheeheh, saan na ba ako… i plan to make this year a happy and memorable one…. i have found websites and goodies on the internet for you guys to drool… well of course i can not post porn materials on my site… that’s foul.. but… if you know my YM account… i can slip a few URL’s for you.. KIDDING!

i want to be universally known, kaya sinasanay kong mag english pero mahirap… ngayon pa nga lang.. iilan pa lang nagbabasa ng blog ko… nanay ko… asawa ko… saka yung mga napilitang magbasa kasi tinutukan ko ng kutsilyo sa leeg… i really need your feedback guys.. di ko kasi alam kung nagugustuhan nyo site ko o hinde… suggestions o kahit violent reaction pa yan… tatanggapin ko at magpapasalamat ako sa inyo dahil kayo ang inspirasyon ko *tears rolling from eyes* *pahid luha at sipon* … tama na nga itong dramang ito… let’s go to the FUN PART!

click this banner

i joined a certain forum based on one of my favorite hobby…. collecting toys… and for filipinos who do collect and have not been a member of this forum.. i suggest you join… PinoyToyKolektor…. i joined this group in 2006 with the help from my friend and “kumpare” Jhums…. i love sex toys… i mean toys lang…. sino bang ayaw di ba… for once in your life dadaan kayo sa pagiging bata.. at kahit 23 na ako (o sige hirit pa!) i’m proud to say isip bata ako… tama ba mga pinagsasabi ko?

punta tayo sa ibang topic… kilala naman ninyo si charice pempengco… well nung nasa pinas pa ako.. i was blessed na makapicture yung bata.. she’s really good.. and a real sweetheart.. mabait at cute! kung di lang bata ito.. naku! ehehehehe

parang mag-ama ah…

malayo ang mararating ng batang ito.. buti na lang at umalis na sya pinas… ehehehehe sana rin ang anak ko.. may singing voice… kaso wala sa lahi namin ang magaling kumanta… magaling mang-asar marami pero yung kumanta.. PATAY!

bago pa sya mag-isang taon…

finally.. isang video ang ibibigay ko sa inyo.. hindi ko adventure ito.. nakita ko lang sa youtube.. ang cute nya kasi eh! pramis! naging lalaki ako for.. 5 minutes! ahahay! see you again guys…

from the movie “my sassy girl” korea’s cutie!



Jack of all trades, master of none...

5 thoughts on “start the year wrong…

  1. Hi Potpot! First of all masasabi ko lang “kip ap da gud werk!” There is nothing wrong with writing in your mother tongue, as long as you write from your heart. *wow, lalim non, ah*

    … on Charice – aba, I didn’t know we had our very own version of “that little girl with the big voice”
    … on YouTube Korean cutie – asus, is this what the Pinoy masses are into these days? Corny nyo, you make me siiick! Joke lang!

    Since I changed timezones again hindi na tayo nagpapang-abot sa YM. Siguro bc ka na rin dahil tapos na ang holidays. Anyhoo, sa uulitin! 🙂

  2. thanks lyssa… my frenemy.. sabi mo nga! ehehehe thanks for the inspiring words of wisdom.. tama ba.. ehehehe hayaan mo pagbubutihan ko… hindi ko pa din nasasagot yung tag mo.. hayaan mo.. isang spot dito sa blog ko ay dedicated sa iyo. ehehehehe

  3. There are some up’s and down’s in our daily life. So we can take it as a cool one. For example “if you’re going to work for a reputed company, in that there are some good and the bad persons.For a good persons we don’t worry about them, for bad person we need to adjust and go.This was the tactic of life”. The baby looks very cute.

    Sreevysh Corp

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