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kit kat + soy sauce = :-&

Thank you Meema for making me a guest in your kit kat blog… even though my English knowledge is likely compared to a ten year old.. I will try my best to communicate like an 11 year old.. so here goes…

When I hear the word kit kat, a chocolate flavored wafer bar comes into mind.. I salivate every time I mutter this word.. But when I was introduced to the different flavors of kit kat here in Japan.. My world collapsed..

Meema showed me one of her recent discoveries.. a “Soy Sauce Flavored kit kat” WTF?!?!!

soy sauce flavored kit kat.. HUWAT?!!?!
soy sauce flavored kit kat.. HUWAT?!!?!

I had goose bumps… the fact that you crossed a salty element with a sweet kit kat send chills up my spine…

But I have no chance of escape… she tied me up and forced me to eat the kit kat..

After opening the foil, you can distinguish the smell of the soy sauce… but with the first bite… the taste of the soy sauce blend nicely with the white chocolate bar…

Maybe I was a little intimidated because of the name… but it was really tasty and delicious… I should have slipped some packets of kit kat when I left Meema’s house.. It was divine, and maybe I can get used to tasting different kinds of kit kats…




Jack of all trades, master of none...

10 thoughts on “kit kat + soy sauce = :-&

  1. naku Meema, wag mo na papuntahin sa bahay niyo si Pot, kukupit na ng kitkat yan!!! hahahaha~ XD

    Lam mo pot, your blog really make me smile, kaya vivisit ako sa blog mo pagmalungkot ako =D

  2. nangiwi ako nung nalaman ko ang kit kat na may toyo… kit kat na may sayad? lols. pero since masarap naman pala, patikim ng kit kat mo pot. lol

  3. ano ba to? na nosebleed na naman ako sayo lolipots. Konyo kid ka na ha!?

    Kaso haller kumakain ka ng kitkat na may soy sauce? wahahaha

    namiss kita! pramis!

  4. Whappakable Englishness! I’m surprised. I ‘m even more surprised that there is such a variant of KitKat—that seems extreme and just plain weird. For a while I thought of buying a bar and dipping it into soy sauce just for the kick of it, but on second thought, I’d rather not.

  5. hahaha ang saya ng kwento ganun sana! eto lang yana ang english entry na hindi dumugo ang ilong ko!

    clap clap!

    tikman ko nga yan minsan since walang available na ganyan dito sa saudi dip ko nalang ang kitkat sa soy sauce para naman maexperience ko ang nalasahan mo. ^^

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