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kaya matagal akong nawala..

eto ang dahilan..




Jack of all trades, master of none...

30 thoughts on “kaya matagal akong nawala..

    1. Hvad havde du så glemt Det er dejligt at høre, at Prseseisnn havde en dejlig dag. Nu må du trække vejret helt ned i maven og slappe af et par dage. Jeg har giver dig lov.

    2. If theres any chance in hell of getting back together, be cold but yet civil to her. Women dont like someone thats easy and predictable.My personal advice is move on. There are just too many women out there to try and force something to work. What takes your mind off a woman? Another woman.!!

  1. congrats po 🙂

    Magmula ngayon.. Daddy pot na tawag q sau..hehehe cute cute nung baby mo daddy pot!! i love it na…

    ..ahm, ngayon lang po aq nakadalaw ulit daddy 🙂 cnxa na ha…

    Godbless po!

  2. huwaawwww naman,, hangggkkkyyuuttt,, kasing cute ng papa…(unsure)..hahahaha….

    congrats sa bagong anghel mo….

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